Milan Sladek - Dubcek

The Slovak politician Alexander Dubček is at the center of my project
He was the so-called initiator of the "Prague Spring" and endeavored to change the rigid communist system. He wanted more openness in politics.
Dubček has planned, but partly realized u.a. the abolition of censorship, the facilitation of travel, even to Western countries, and the rehabilitation and release of political prisoners.
Dubček's reforms were a thorn in the side of the ruling party leadership in Moscow. All these dreams, hopes, plans and ideals were rolled down on August 21, 1968 with tanks.
My goal is to create a scenic, visual poem to the charismatic and human Alexander Dubček, the great Slovaks. The aim of this production is not a scientific or journalistic treatment
of the tragic events around August 21, 1968. The character of this production is comparable to a large watercolor painting, a collage of various images and scenes together.
In doing so, I plan to use different stage and video techniques, expressing and pictorially expressing the historical phenomenon of "Prague Spring" in their interaction.
Above all, I want to shed light on the meaning and humanity of the personality of Alexander Dubček.
I understand this project as a poetic apotheosis and homage in order to pay tribute to the man Alexander Dubček, the great European.
World premiere of the project "DUBČEK SPRING"
State Opera
in Bánska Bystrica, Slovakia

the 8th of June 2018


Milan Sladek Pantomimentheater, Brüsselerplatz 24, 50674 Köln